Products & Solutions

We offer comprehensive cloud-based software solutions including due diligence tools, certification and assurance management systems, sustainability performance monitoring, chain-of-custody provenance tools and more.

Due Diligence System

Our due diligence product has been designed and developed to provide compliance managers with a comprehensive suite of due diligence solutions to conduct and manage responsible supply-chain due diligence.

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Certification Management Systems

Our certification management solutions are designed to help certification and assurance bodies manage the myriad of interactions between certification bodies, their membership and third parties such as assessors and auditors.

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Environmental Management System

Although still under development, our environmental management solution is designed to help small to medium-sized companies manage and meet their environmental compliance commitments and regulatory obligations.

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Business Process Network and Blockchain Solutions

For companies requiring more customized solutions, Branded Trust has a highly advanced business process network that can be used to develop business network-based applications more rapidly.

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Training & Consulting

Working with our technology partners, we are able to provide online training and support modules that can be fully integrated with any of our platform products.

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